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A simple winter hot cocoa bar

Christmas week is here! Can you believe it? I can clearly remember counting down to Christmas as a child and it seemed to take forever! Time sure has a way of sneaking up on us, am I right?! Sure the stress of the Christmas deadline can tend to take a toll but I am not going to let it steal my joy. As much as I have to get done this week, I am being diligent in setting aside time to truly enjoy the season..  I make a point each morning to have my coffee in front of our Christmas tree to admire its beauty and all our decorations. We’ve taken a longer drive home to ooh and ahhh over all the Christmas lights that brighten the street. We make popcorn and watch Christmas movies as a family. And of course, we drink hot cocoa with all the fixings!

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A glimpse into spring

The fresh falling snow is blanketing the green grass that briefly made an appearance this spring. Oh how I’m longing for springtime weather here! I want to sit on my porch and gaze out at the sun-kissed yard while listening to the birds happily sing their songs. Oh spring, how I wish you would visit us soon, so we can admire your colorful beauty and fragrant breeze. I am anxiously awaiting the springtime masterpiece the Lord is creating…. Continue reading