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A Journey of Thanksgiving: Preparing for the holiday season from the inside out -DAY 9

What have you discovered these past 9 days? Have you made the commitment to find something to be grateful for in all circumstances? Waking up thankful and ending your night with gratitude, is something you can begin at any time. How fortunate are we to have a fresh start each and every day to make a choice to be happy; to see the good in everyone, to look at all we have been given with gratitude. Since I began this 10 day challenge (you can read the original post here) I have been training my mind to look deeper and to see the bigger picture.

I woke up to a snow-covered morning where the sun hadn’t made its presence yet and everything was peaceful and calm. The only interruption to this winter wonderland was Lucky’s pawprints as he pranced around in the snow. He does love the snow! Continue reading

A Journey of Thanksgiving: Preparing for the holiday season from the inside out -DAY 8

Tonight as our Sunday comes to a close I wanted to pray with you. I had found this beautiful prayer a few months ago and have been saying it as part of my daily prayers. As I was praying today I realized that it is so fitting for this journey of thanksgiving we are on.  Continue reading

A Journey of Thanksgiving: Preparing for the holiday season from the inside out – DAY 3

Last night I focused on all I was thankful for and ended my day with a grateful heart. It wasn’t easy after the day I had; but I slept peacefully and woke up thankful for this brand new day! Today is day 3 of our 10 day challenge A Journey of Thanksgiving. How are you doing on this journey? I hope that you are opening your heart to thankfulness and learning to find joy in the messes of this wonderful thing we call life.

Happiness is a choice. Being positive is a choice. Loving yourself is a choice. Accepting your flaws is a choice. To this day I am still learning to accept myself for who I am. Some days I do not like myself. I don’t have the confidence I wish I could have, but I am becoming much more confident with what I want in my life. I know what is truly important to me. Loving all of ourselves isn’t easy and that’s why I decided today I would take a closer look at me.

 “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” Steve Furtick.

Continue reading

Our Lenten Centerpiece

Our Lenten Centerpiece

Our Lenten Centerpiece

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten Season — HAPPY ASH WEDNESDAY! Just as one looks to the changing seasons or the new year as a way to start fresh and begin anew; I look to Lent. After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, my heart seems to long for the simplicity that Lent brings. It is such a beautiful time of year; a time to turn our hearts, minds and souls toward Christ and away from ourselves. Continue reading

And just like a flick of a switch — A story about my disability and how it changed my life

No thanks, I can do it myself. I’m independent. Strong willed. I never ask for help because I don’t need it. I finish what I start. My way is always right. Even if it is a two person job, I find a way to accomplish the task on my own. I don’t depend on others because there isn’t a reason to. This was the only way I knew how to live my life…. that is until 6 1/2 years ago. Continue reading