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“The kitchen is the heart of the home” …so the saying goes, and it’s so true. When we have company; you’ll always find family and friends gathered around the kitchen table or counters chatting, drinking and eating.

Italian Ciabatta Bread

Bread much like chocolate is my weakness, especially crusty bread straight from the oven! Mmm, isn’t the smell of fresh-baked bread heavenly?

One of my family’s favorite kind of bread is ciabatta and it’s one recipe I make all year-long. I have tried many versions and after tweaking a couple of different ones to suit our taste, we now use this recipe and the best part is the dough is prepared in the bread maker; yeah for time savers!

I’ve made it into rolls for cold cut sandwiches and it is great for bruschetta. In the summer it goes perfectly with fresh tomatoes and basil from the garden drizzled with olive oil or use it to make a tasty cucumber and tomato sandwich, yum! Continue reading

Beer Battered Fish Fry


“Friday fish fry” can be found just about anywhere here in Rochester; and if you ask anyone where to go out to eat on a Friday night during the Lenten season, you can bet they’ll name a place that has an incredible beer battered fish fry!

Growing up, Lent and fish fry seemed to go together. Continue reading

Easy Pumpkin Spice Coffee



Have you had your pumpkin spice coffee yet? Mmm, there is something about Fall and pumpkin spice coffee that just goes hand in hand. I absolutely love Autumn, it is my favorite season! The crisp cool air, the breathtaking colors of the changing leaves, apples, sweaters, comfort food, giving thanks…. my senses go crazy this time of year! Who doesn’t like to savor the seasonal coffee flavors? That tempting aroma draws you in and you just have to have it! I’ll admit, I do treat myself to a pumpkin latte when the season rolls around, but I can’t afford to do it everyday and although my taste buds would thank me, my wallet won’t… And that my friends is what brings me to this post.  Continue reading

Gram’s Marinara

l_89c39a52beb549e783d271102a7ee5c2[1]Gram and Me

This may sound like a cliche, but there is nothing like Grandma’s cooking! Both of my grandmothers and my great-grandmother (God rest their souls) were amazing cooks, and I can still taste the deliciousness of my favorite dishes they would make…. Mmm, my mouth is watering now. Continue reading