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Our bedroom made the to-do list!

With each new season comes a different list of responsibilities that need to get done; along with the to-do list of projects that get accomplished if there is enough time and of course money in the budget; and then there is the hopeful but further away wish list; because it never hurt anyone to dream, right?! I am a lover of lists… crazy I know but more crazy that I prefer to write them down. Sure, electronic devices may make list making a synch but there is just something about making a list on paper and physically checking it off that makes me happy! Continue reading

DIY Shamrock Garland

Do you decorate your home or mantel for the holidays? I had never had a fireplace growing up, so when my husband and I bought our home I was thrilled to have a mantel to decorate! I started getting more into decorating my mantel for each upcoming holiday or the current season when my children were little. I loved to see their excitement when they would help to pick out and display the decorations on the mantel. They both are still enthusiastic about decorating for Christmas, but for most of the other holidays it’s just me. Continue reading

Our Lenten Centerpiece

Our Lenten Centerpiece

Our Lenten Centerpiece

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten Season — HAPPY ASH WEDNESDAY! Just as one looks to the changing seasons or the new year as a way to start fresh and begin anew; I look to Lent. After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, my heart seems to long for the simplicity that Lent brings. It is such a beautiful time of year; a time to turn our hearts, minds and souls toward Christ and away from ourselves. Continue reading

DIY no-sew valances-embellishment


Don’t you just love the look of custom window treatments? I find they can complete the look of a room beautifully… but with the cost alone, that is an option I won’t even consider. Continue reading