A Journey of Thanksgiving: Preparing for the holiday season from the inside out -DAY 9

What have you discovered these past 9 days? Have you made the commitment to find something to be grateful for in all circumstances? Waking up thankful and ending your night with gratitude, is something you can begin at any time. How fortunate are we to have a fresh start each and every day to make a choice to be happy; to see the good in everyone, to look at all we have been given with gratitude. Since I began this 10 day challenge (you can read the original post here) I have been training my mind to look deeper and to see the bigger picture.

I woke up to a snow-covered morning where the sun hadn’t made its presence yet and everything was peaceful and calm. The only interruption to this winter wonderland was Lucky’s pawprints as he pranced around in the snow. He does love the snow! I wanted to watch him play some more but I had children to wake, breakfast to make and bills to pay. I brought him in the house and started thinking of all I had to do today. There were phone calls to take care of, floors to be mopped and a basket of laundry waiting to be folded and put away. First things first, I had a venison hind quarter from my brother-in-law that had to be cleaned, cut and wrapped to go in the freezer. I love that I am a hunter’s daughter and actually know what to do with a deer leg, but it is a lot of work and very time-consuming… ugh, my back was really bad today, more so because I neglected to listen to my body and was on my feet too long and sitting too much over the weekend. I could already feel the stress of all I had to do taking over and with the pain level I was at, I was sure I wouldn’t get it all done.

As I said my morning prayers after getting the kids off to school I was hurting bad with shooting pain down my legs and I asked God, please I don’t want to take away the joy I have in my heart
from our great weekend and consume it with pain and frustration, God please help me. Most of my morning was working on the venison and shortly after I finished getting the rest in the freezer, Lucky was at the door to go back outside. I let him out and watched him bury his nose in the snow and try to catch the flakes in the air… I wanted to freeze time and just absorb the serenity to carry it with me throughout the day. In that moment I believe God knew exactly what I needed today. Thank you God for the reminder this morning that it’s ok to just stop and be; to take a moment to be still and peaceful; to just rest.

Our busy joyous weekend filled with family, friends, laughter, and wonderful memories is something I will always be grateful but as I shared with you on day 3, I need alone time to recharge myself. Today I did just that, I listened to my body and periodically rested my back while I did what I could without concern of what I couldn’t get done. Thank you Lord for helping me see the importance of rest for my body, mind and soul. Thank you for the opportunity for reflection and to balance my inner self… I am ready to take on this week.

Blessings ~Danielle

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