A Journey of Thanksgiving: Preparing for the holiday season from the inside out – DAY 7

Good morning and happy Sunday to you all! Can you believe Thanksgiving is only 4 days away? The end of this 10 day challenge is near and my heart is so full. This journey is helping to open my eyes to a whole new way of enjoying life to the fullest!

I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to write this post yesterday… my husband and I hosted a family get-together at our home that lasted well into the night. We had my parents, sister, niece, uncle (who is here from Florida for Thanksgiving) and my cousins over in honor of my dad’s mom, our Grandma Theresa. Since my grandmother’s passing, we grandchildren take turns having a celebration to remember our gram. We always have it around her birthday which is on November 17 and this year she would’ve been 93 years old. We add little touches and make food/desserts that remind us of her. Like the Hershey Kisses you see at each table setting… she always had Hershey Kisses in her home! Everyone brings a dish to pass and we reminisce.

So for Day 7 (yesterday) I am thankful for the quality time spent with family enjoying good food, sharing fond memories and making new ones.


Blessings ~Danielle 


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