Our Halloween Mantel

Welcome all you ghouls and goblins to my haunted little corner of the internet mwahahaha! [WARNING: all puns and/or spooky(corny) lingo intended.] It’s that time of year again; scary movies, spooky music, trick or treat, creepy decorations, pumpkins, costumes and candy; yep, Halloween is creeping up on us!

This Halloween we will be attending my cousin’s chilling disquise party on Halloween night which should be a fang-tastic good time! But that also means we won’t be handing out candy this year, I know, I know, — groans and boos to the neighbors with the lights off! I was horrified at the thought of disappointing all the little ghosts and witches that’ll be haunting our neighborhood, so I chose not to decorate our front porch or yard this year. Afterall, who would want to excitedly approach a house all decorated for Halloween, only to ring the bell and have no one answer?! Now that’s just wicked, am I right? I sure hope the boogie man doesn’t get us for this.

Still we couldn’t have All Hallows’ Eve come and go without doing a little decorating. Since our mantel fireplace is the center for our seasonal holiday decorating, of course we had to make it look spook-tacular for Halloween! Filled with cobwebs, Jack-o-lanterns, candles, spiders, spell books and a cauldron…. I think this eerie display would make any mummy proud!

Before we begin, please excuse the photo quality of these pictures, and let us pretend it as an added special effect! Without further delay, park your brooms at the door and hang around for a spell; our boo-tiful decor is fright this way….



“Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” Shakespeare from Macbeth



no spooky mantel is complete without a family photo




Here is a closeup of our family photo from Halloween past


There you have it Our Halloween Mantel. Isn’t Halloween so much fun? Thanks for dropping by, I hope you had a ghoulishly delightful time!

All Hallows’ Eve
The pumpkin grinned from ear to ear, “The moon is bright, the sky is clear.
This is the night we’ve waited for, when elves come knocking on the door.
“When witches ride their broomsticks high and ghosts and goblins fill the sky.
Then Jack and Jill, with fairy queen, will dance and sing: it’s Halloween.”
~ by Constance B. Osborne

Blessings ~Danielle


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