Our summer’s end

Summer vacation is coming to a close and that means preparing for the new year. Yep, for this family, the last 2 weeks of August begins my new calendar for the school year and in turn is like the 1st of the year in our home.


Our final weeks of summer are always busy but productive, and make for a smooth start to the school year. Here’s a glimpse at what is happening around here to help us get back on schedule:

Throughly cleaning our home one room at a time.

Preparing some freezer meals for the upcoming nights of school soccer games – with both kids playing soccer we are gone nearly every night so freezer meals and my crockpot are a staple this time of year!

JV soccer practice and scrimmages 6 days a week in preparation for the school year.

Finishing up any school shopping. We have to keep our spending within a tight budget, so purchasing everything at once isn’t realistic for us.

Outside clean-up: just like inside our home we begin getting our decks, yard and garage ready for fall.

Get togethers and celebrations. We have my mom’s birthday August 27, my husband’s birthday August 28, our wedding anniversary August 29, our yearly neighborhood picnic August 30, our god-daughter’s birthday August 31 and of course Labor Day weekend … see, not all our busyness is work, we have fun too!

Gradually begin getting our bodies and minds back on an early morning routine. This one tends to be the hardest but most rewarding because then we are refreshed and ready to start the school days.

Lastly and most importantly, spending quality time together as a family. My husband starts vacation on his birthday and will be home with all of us until the first day of school. Even though there are a lot more responsibilities that go into these last days, it is also the only vacation time we were able to get this summer, so we’ll be making the most of our family stay-cation!

How do you prepare for back to school? Do you too find it difficult but necessary to get your body, mind and home ready for the school year? For those of you that have already begun the school year; what advice do you have to help make the transition from the lazy days of summer to the disciplined days of school easier?

I’d love to hear from yo and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Blessings ~ Danielle



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