Our bedroom made the to-do list!

With each new season comes a different list of responsibilities that need to get done; along with the to-do list of projects that get accomplished if there is enough time and of course money in the budget; and then there is the hopeful but further away wish list; because it never hurt anyone to dream, right?! I am a lover of lists… crazy I know but more crazy that I prefer to write them down. Sure, electronic devices may make list making a synch but there is just something about making a list on paper and physically checking it off that makes me happy!

I am so excited that this year, our bedroom has been removed from the wish list, and is now on the to-do list! Granted everything I’d like to do in our room is outside of our budget, but the mini makeover it NEEDS will make a huge difference! And NEEDS is not being used lightly… we had painted our bedroom white when we moved in nearly 17 years ago and it has been screaming for a fresh coat of paint! So off to the internet I went to search for the perfect DIY headboard for our bed. At first I was planning on making an upholstered headboard– they are so lovely and make a bed look elegant and cozy; like a wonderful dream. But the more I looked at them, the more I realized that I am a rustic headboard kind-of-person, more than an upholstered one. I like things simple, clean and casual. I am a lounge pants, cami, jeans and a sweatshirt wearing person–that’s what makes me feel comfortable and confident. If I have an upholstered headboard am I going to feel that every time I get into bed I have to be “dressed” appropriately? Really Danielle?! I mean who cares what you wear to bed?…. but as bizarre as this sounds I believe I may begin to think that. For me even the thought of getting dressed up gets me in a frenzy; and on the occasions I do have to; sadly I have to mentally prepare myself, so that I don’t look as awkward and self-conscience as I feel.

Well, enough about my insecurities and back to the business at hand, our bedroom. I want a bedroom that makes me feel comfortable, confident and at peace. Afterall, our bedrooms should be a retreat where we can let go of all of our worries of the day and have a peaceful slumber…. our bedrooms should make us happy! Would you be willing to help me with the decision-making process? I have broken it down to 7 beautiful headboard designs that I thought would compliment our style and make us feel right at home.



Rustic Headboard {aged wood} by Being Brook


Build a reclaimed wood look headboard plans by Ana White


DIY Rustic Headboard by Because I like to Decorate


DIY: barn wood headboard by 508 {restoration and design}


DIY {pallet headboard} by Rice Designs

How to make a wood headboard by Robeson Design

Aren’t they just gorgeous? It’s funny but just choosing a specific style headboard taught me a little more about myself; that pretty things are nice to look at, but simplicity is better for me! So which headboard do you like best? Is there one or two that your eyes are drawn to? I would truly love your input; and hopefully I’ll make a decision by the time the weather gets nice enough to begin this project! Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Blessings ~ Danielle


2 thoughts on “Our bedroom made the to-do list!

  1. Jessie

    It’s funny how we leave our bedrooms for last on THE LIST. We’ve lived here 10 years now and haven’t touched our room. It’s on the one day list.

    I like this first 2 photos the best, but they are all really nice selections.

    Liked by 1 person


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