My go-to products and tools for dog grooming

After posting 3 reasons I learned to groom my dog at home, I had received emails asking what products and tools I use to groom Lucky. Immediately I thought, what a great idea for my next blog post… so thank you for your emails and the inspiration for this FUN post!

Now before you read any further I want to clarify that I am in no way a professional dog groomer. The products and tools I use have been suggested to me by Lucky’s groomer and/or vet along with other goldendoodle owners opinions. I have tried various products and these are what works best for Lucky’s coat. Each dog breed is different and what works for one type of dog coat may not work for another. Please do your research and speak to a professional dog groomer or vet before using any of the products or tools that I use. Remember, anything I share with you is strictly my opinion and is NOT to be taken as professional advice. [Side note] in no way was any harm done to my fur baby; unless you consider a less than handsome haircut harm, ha! Phew okay, now that that part is over, here we go… It’s Grooming Day!


Here I am in my safety glasses and designer smock handmade from an ordinary garbage bag!

Yes I actually dress like this EVERYTIME I groom Lucky, even outside (what my neighbors must think!) The safety glasses keep the fur out of my eyes and the garbage bag, uh I mean smock, is water proof and helps the fur to slide right off rather than sticking to me. My picture may be a little visual humor for you, but trust me it is worth wearing them!

Let’s begin. Before I get Lucky, I set up first and have everything ready so that I do not leave him unattended. I usually like to set up outside when the weather is nice, but since it is the middle of winter, I’m indoors. I use my Lifetime 4′ adjustable fold-in-half table that I purchased at my local Sam’s Club and set it at the highest height, countertop height. There are grooming tables and arm attachments available for purchase, but they are a bit expensive and what I have on hand works just fine for me. I always put my anti-fatigue floor mat on the table so Lucky doesn’t go sliding around and as a bonus I like to think he’s more comfortable standing there 🙂

Now for the tools and products I use:

  • Andis easy kit groom dog trimmer set. These are the clippers I started out with since I wasn’t sure how this was all going to pan out and didn’t want to spend a fortune. Now I’ve been researching better clippers and will hopefully be able to invest in those in the future but that is more wishful thinking on my part and besides these clippers work great!
  • Top paw undercoat rake from Petsmart. This helps break up matts when/if he has them.
  • A pair of sharp scissors – dull scissors will pull on the fur
  • The comb I use is similar to this dog comb from Petsmart. When combing Lucky I usually start the the wide tooth side then go over with the thinner side.
  • Chris Christensen 16 mm t-brush – This is the main brush I use and I love this for everyday brushing too! The Chris Christensen magic foam which I use for quick cleaning exactly where I want it is great for washing just paws instead of bathing.
  • Slicker brush (not pictured) that I purchased at my local Petsaver store…which also happens to be my favorite place to shop for Lucky!
  • Musher’s secret – the BEST product ever made, period.
  • Cowboy Magic detangler & shine nearly detangles matts instantly, I just rub a little in and comb through.
  • And of course I always have the YUMMIEST TREATS for my Lucky!
*Warning: PLEASE be sure that you NEVER leave your pet unattended at any time, you do not want to risk injury if your dog decides to jump off the table.
Someone needs a haircut! Lucky's BEFORE picture

Someone needs a haircut! Lucky’s BEFORE picture

My sweet boy giving me kisses <3  I take the time to let him sniff each tool or product before I use it.

My sweet boy giving me kisses ❤
I take the time to let him sniff each tool or product before I use it.


Lucky’s AFTER picture. Doesn’t he look so handsome!

I just love my relationship with Lucky, he is truly a blessing in our lives! What a difference a little trim can do, don’t you agree? Do you have a grooming routine with your pet? I’d love to hear about your pets also, so don’t forget to share a comment or even a picture of your fur-baby! Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I hope you enjoyed it.

Blessings ~Danielle


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