Just One Word


Embrace. Embrace. EmBrAcE. My one word New Year’s Resolution for this year is; drum roll please… EMBRACE. Every year I anticipate and dread making my New Year Resolutions: deciding what I want to change or improve about myself and my life; planning it out and then sticking to it. Actually, the only part I dread is sticking to it or lack there of. Let’s be honest; not that we don’t try, but how many of us actually keep our resolutions the entire year? Before the new year I had read about the one word resolution “One Word That Will Change Your Life” and thought; now this is something I can stick to, and even better, I could fulfill!

The only problem was deciding what word would have the most impact on how I want to better myself. What kind of difference do I want to make? Which one word would best help me do that? Now embrace wasn’t my first choice, or second or even third. After much thought and prayer, I had decided what my word would be, and then planned on how I would use it to better myself.

Why I chose embrace: to help embrace my past, both good and bad, and use those lessons to grow. Embrace my flaws and learn to love myself; after all, how can I tell my daughter to love herself if I can’t set the example for her. Embrace my home and make it a safe haven for my family and welcoming to all who enter. Embrace my marriage so that I will never be less than the wife my husband deserves. Embrace motherhood along with all the challenges and joys that go with it; and be the mom God intended me to be. Embrace my disability and always see the positive way it has changed my life rather than feeling sorry for myself. Embrace my faith to find ways to do God’s will and be closer to God. Embrace my fears and find courage to face them one step at a time. Embrace change rather than try to control it. Embrace simplicity and contentment. Embrace life, and see the beauty and blessings in each moment I am given.

I feel good about my New Year’s Resolution for 2015 and I’m ready to Embrace whatever awaits me in this New Year! Do you make New Year Resolutions? What are your thoughts on one word resolutions?

Blessings ~Danielle


9 thoughts on “Just One Word

  1. everyotherbluemoon

    Thanks for sharing! I never set new years resolutions. Like fillyourownglass I am more of a mini goal setter but this year I thought I’d try the one word route and went for BUILD. I posted about it if you’re interested. 🙂

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