Life is good when you read between the lines

Could holding on to what’s to come, blind you from living today? Perhaps you have your life all planned out for when you win the lottery, or get that big break that will change your life forever. You plan, and prepare in your mind of what a beautiful future you’ll have and all the while your days are passing right before your eyes; without a single glimpse of the blessings around you. Why is that? Why do we torture ourselves into believing the best is yet to come? What if the best is right here and right now? It’s not a crime to be excited for an upcoming event, holiday or special occasion; but that shouldn’t take away from your days before. If our whole lives were based on the anticipation of one special “perfect” day, then when that moment is over what will we have left?

Life to me is living in each day, not just waiting for the next or better one to come about. It’s enjoying that special moment and getting the most out of it, without feeling like the days after have no meaning in comparison. And what about everyday life? We’ve all been there; we obsess with the desire to be the best or have the best and get caught up with the wishful thinking of what could be… I’ve caught myself thinking, what if I did this or had that, than I could be the perfect child of God / the most loving mom / the best wife, etc. I’ve seen so many families seem to live the perfect lives (on the outside) and would catch myself trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and how our family could be more like them.  But sometimes if you’re lucky, you step further into those lives that you so long to have, and begin to take notice of the imperfect reality that is life… and that your life isn’t so bad after all, that your life is good.

I’ve always looked for the perfect life to step into. I’ve taken all the paths to get where I wanted. But no matter where I go, I still come home me.”-Layne Staley 

It’s natural to long for perfection and to be the best at whatever roles we play; but what if we refocus our thoughts and energy into being the best we could be? Then perhaps the what if’s won’t matter anymore and we’ll find true happiness in our very own lives. That is a goal I am always working on and do my best to teach my children the same. Every second of our life leads to our future and to waste it on worrying, wondering or wishing will never help us reach our goals or become the person we can be proud of. We take so much for granted yet have so much to be thankful for, to appreciate, to live for. Our lives are precious gifts, that we cannot return, duplicate or repeat… and we need to do our best to make the most of each moment and live. What if you took the time to focus on every breath; to identify every smell; to experience the simple pleasures of the beauty you see all around you? Could that create true happiness in your life?

Blessings ~Danielle


One thought on “Life is good when you read between the lines

  1. Steve Marciano

    Beautiful Danielle and so true! We all have problems and no one or no family is perfect. We just returned from a wonderful trip with 39 other people who all had suffered or were suffering is some way despite the beautiful backdrop of Italy. You are a wonderful human being. I love you and am so thankful you are my family!



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