DIY no-sew valances-embellishment


Don’t you just love the look of custom window treatments? I find they can complete the look of a room beautifully… but with the cost alone, that is an option I won’t even consider. Even your basic valance, panel or curtain can cost a fortune and I just can’t buy them full price. Which brings me to this quick, no sew, affordable project I did for our home office/den valances. My vision was vertical stripes to keep the room casual but still pretty.
I was in Bed Bath and Beyond and headed straight to the clearance section. After fumbling around for quite some time, I was able to find 2 basic natural valances which, with my coupons only cost me a total of $5.78. My next stop was Walmart to find a spool of ribbon with the green color I had in mind. I found the ribbon that was even better than I’d hope for but it was full price, I went back and forth with my thoughts and decided since I saved on the valances why not splurge on the $6.50 ribbon 🙂 That brought my valance total to $12.80, still nearly half of what it would have cost in the store!

Here’s what I did:


I opened the packages and laid out the valances. See how plain they are?


Now here is the ribbon, isn’t it pretty? I loved how the exact green I was going for blends into a black which is the color of my rod 🙂 I measured each piece of ribbon to about 15 1/2″ each, since I was going to make the valances shorter.


This is where the no-sew comes into play…. thankfully I already had the fuse, but I don’t believe it is too expensive to purchase, it is so simple to use, just stick it on, peel off the backing and place your material on top


As you can see, I centered each ribbon between the tabs and lined the fuse where the ribbon would go. Then you just peel the fuse and stick the ribbon on, repeat all the way across


halfway there….. flip over the curtain and fold to the desired length


I measured each section from the top of the valance (not including the tabs) to the length I wanted the ribbon to 13 1/2″… you can see a small amount of ribbon both on the top and bottom of the valance where the fold is. If you wanted to add a backing for a room darkening effect you would do so here


then I tacked a small strip of fuse to hold the fold neatly across each strip, no pinning or sewing 🙂


when I came to the end I placed a strip of fuse down and then lined the ends to meet together


when done folding across, I turned the curtains back over and ironed them to help the fuse stay put. Then I repeated the steps with the other valance


The peel n’ stick fuse is machine washable cold water, so maintance is easy… and here’s my finished product! (I had to close the blinds a bit so that you could get a better look with the sun glare)

I’d love to hear from you, leave me a comment and any tips you may have for my next DIY window treatment!

Blessings ~Danielle


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